Happy Feet Downtown

Foot Massage
     If your feet are tired from walking around the downtown area and up and down Fremont St., we offer a soothing foot massage that will renew your spirit for walking again!
     We have a refreshing $20/half hour foot massage and a rejuvenating $36/hour foot massage. Oftentimes we can accommodate walk-ins for the half hour treatment, but please make an appointment if you are in need of the full hour.
Combo Massage

      We combine several massage services into an overall relaxation massage called the "Combo". This service includes:

        20 Min. of Head and Arms

          20 Min. of Back and Shoulders

          20 Min. of Legs and Feet

        The maximum relaxation benefits are not achieved in a half hour treatment, therefore this service is only offered as a one hour or longer treatment. Our one hour treatment is only $48. There are no membership fees for this great price and we do not use any of your treatment time for room prep. or cleaning. We give you the full service time for which you pay.
Full Body Massage
     For our physically active or highly stressed client, we offer a full body deep tissue massage that will release knots, increase circulation deep into the muscles and invigorate your whole body.
     You can direct your therapist to a higher or lower level of intensity. And if you need more attention in a given area, please feel free to let him/her know. We call this Full Body, but you can also have your feet massaged a little too if you so desire (you're the boss).
     This service is a real workout for our massage therapists who sometimes come out looking like they ran a marathon. And because we know the important benefits you receive from this service, we have also kept it affordable for more to enjoy. Our prices are $38/half hour, $60/hour. So if you're feeling tight or have knots that you can't seem to get out, call us today so we can help you feel better fast.

Chair Massage

     For our clients who don't have much time and are feeling a little tight from stress or a hard workout, we offer a half hour chair massage for $30. This service offers a strong back and shoulder massage without oil or the need to remove your shirt. If you don't have the extra time it takes for room prep., to dry off any massage oil and remove/replace your clothes, you can choose the chair massage and be done and on your way in 30 minutes. If time is a big factor for choosing this service, please call to make an appointment.


Salt Scrub       $10

This foot scrub is an oil and salt scrub that removes the dry, dead cells from your skin, while your feet absorb the softening oil, leaving them feeling supple and smooth.

Sugar Scrub    $10

This foot/hand scrub is a less abrasive oil and sugar scrub that removes the dry, dead cells from your skin. This is used on less rough, more sensitive skin.

Detoxification $15

We soak your feet in clean, clear water with no additives for 30 minutes. The detoxifying electrode draws the toxins out and after 30 minutes, the water is brown. It's amazing!!