Happy Feet Downtown

     We offer private single massage rooms, couple massage rooms and a group massage room for up to four of our clients. Foot massage/reflexology is done in an open setting, due to city regulations, so if you like your privacy, choose a massage.

     Being that The El Cortez is 76 years old this year (2017) and wasn't built with a huge amount of space for expansion, it doesn't have the space we need for a full spa. We have hopes to possibly offer facials and other similar spa treatments in the future, but can not offer them at this time.

     We love when we see our clients relaxed, smiling and instantly feeling the benefits of massage therapy as they leave. Let's face it, Las Vegas is a city of excess, whether you live here or especially when you're just visiting. We truly want to help everyone to ease the stresses of life and the excesses of Las Vegas, so we keep our prices as low as possible and have one of the lowest priced massage establishments inside a hotel/casino.

      Don't let our lower prices fool you. Our staff of Nevada State Licensed massage therapists have hundreds and hundreds of hours of school, training and experience, just like therapists in the more expensive spas. We view massage as a health benefit, not just a luxury few can afford.

     Our staff of therapists are Chinese and work very hard to make sure you get the full service you expect. Our clients soon find out that we do not advertise an hour and only provide fifty minutes of service, like many others. We do not charge you for set up time or whatever term others use to justify the reduced service time. The clock starts when your service starts. 

     So come in, meet us and give us a try. We're not here for our health...Were here for yours! Check out this article that points out 31 science-backed health benefits of massage http://www.well-beingsecrets.com/massage-benefits/